Kinetoscopic Memory

Director | Steve Gieseke

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Kinetoscopic Memory

Director | Steve Gieseke

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Betti Angela

Director | Marisa Anz Steiner

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Director | Kyle Pyatt

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That Time I Made a Movie About Brady

Director | Katie Schnell

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An aggregation of important writing from and about the world of documentaries, including exclusive writing on the subject from the students and faculty of the Jonathan B. Murray Center for Documentary Journalism.


Logo of the Stronger Than Fiction Film Festival 2019

Third annual Stronger Than Fiction Film Festival coming to Missouri Theatre May 15

The third annual Stronger Than Fiction Film Festival is a showcase of the work of the students graduating from the Documentary Journalism interest area. Fourteen students will be showing short documentary films over three different blocks—with each block showing completely different films.  The students’ ideas for these films were approved by an outside panel of…

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Nobody Speak

Documentary Charts Path of Media through Present-Day Minefield

It seems fitting that perhaps one of the most important First Amendment cases of our time revolves around the publication of a sex tape featuring renowned former WWF superstar Hulk Hogan sharing a bed with the wife of his best friend, Bubba the Love Sponge. That’s the kind of stuff of which good First Amendment…

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Picture of Gerald Foos

Netflix “Original” Content: The Way to Go for Docs?

When Myles Kane and Josh Koury were looking to distribute their film Voyeur, they had a lot of interest in the documentary. The pair had spent three and a half years working independently on the film, and wanted to make sure to find the right place for it. Enter Netflix. While the directors had offers…

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Picture of Emperor Penguins

Sound Effects Enhance Documentaries, Trouble Ethicists

Arguably one of the best-known documentaries of the last 20 years is March of the Penguins, the beloved nature documentary. Anyone who has watched it can remember the scene when the baby penguin is taking its first steps. Layered on with Morgan Freeman’s sagely voice, audiences can hear the light steps on the snow and feel…

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Mapping the Documentary-Journalism Landscape


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