Sun & Moon & Stars

Director | Steve Gieseke, 2018


Director | Steve Gieseke

About the Film

This film is a collaboration between generations of Jonathan B. Murray Center students. The film’s genesis begins on the first day of classes on the 2017-18 school year at the University of Missouri–which just so happened to coincide with a total solar eclipse over Columbia. Twenty students literally on their first day in the Murray Center program swarmed all over the path of totality to capture the thousands who descended on Missouri for the event.

With that footage in hand, Murray Center alumnus Steve Gieseke set out to frame the story of the eclipse in a way not seen on all the news coverage of the day. His film captures the wonder people felt that day, whether spiritual, scientific or some special blend of the two.


Director: Steve Gieseke

Producers: Steve Gieseke and Stacey Woelfel

Editor: Steve Gieseke

Cinematography: Jane Arnot, Larissa Babiak, Steven Colaianni, Emily Dunn, Sofie Hansen Twisttmann, Taylor Hensel, Olivia Jacobson, Jessica Jia, Connor Laughlin, Emil Lippe, Davis McCondichie, Daniel Mung, Phoebe Mussman, Grace Noteboom, Di Pan, Sam Roth, Bailey Synclaire, Matt Swing, Devine Utley, Rachel Wegner, Annemarie Welser, Meiying Wu