august, 2018

08aug7:00 pm9:00 pmMurray Center Movie Night


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This is your chance to see some of the graduating student films you may have missed back in May at our all-day festival during finals week.  This time we’ll be screening a program I call “Work/Life Balance” featuring six films that show people living and working through thick and thin.

Feel free to bring family or friends. The subject matter ranges from a G to PG-13 level with some adult language in some of the films. There’s no need to RSVP for movie night.  Just show up a little before 7 pm and take a seat.  Feel free to bring snacks and drinks—they always make a night at the movies more fun.

The films screening on August 8 at 7 pm in 244 Walter Williams Hall are:

Ulisses (22 min.)
dir. Beatriz Costa Lima
The small beach town of Majorlandia is a place where time passes slowly and adventure comes quietly. Ulissesis a poetic observational documentary that follows the lives of a community of “jangadeiros” — fishermen typical to the dune-lined northeastern coast of Brazil. Although their numbers are dwindling, some jangadeiros continue to live off the ocean. The sights and sounds of their lives show more than a century’s worth of history woven into every sail.

Basking Season (11 min.)
dir. Morgan Magid
Basking Season joins the Swamp Apes as they hunt down the invasive Burmese python. The film follows founder Tom Rahill and fellow Swamp Ape Sergeant Major on one of their surveys through the beautiful sea of grass that makes up the Florida Everglades. While road cruising and jungle busting, the Swamp Apes discover plenty along the way – alligators, a water moccasin, a nest of old python eggs. But will they find one of the giants they’re looking for?

Until Arcturus (22 min.)
dir. Abbey Reznicek
Some believe the stunning red rock formations and the unusually calming atmosphere they create draw people to the seemingly mystical town of Sedona, Arizona. Others believe it is something more–the vortexes found under the city itself. Until Arcturus features a woman who sees the world through the eyes of her alien family while trying to live out her truth among the humans who surround her.

The Locks (12 min.)
dir. Nicky Cook
Months after a devastating forest fire, this quiet and reflective film returns to Cascade Locks, Oregon—a humbly idyllic tourist town—where residents continue to struggle with the aftermath. Just a few miles from bustling Portland, the city of Cascade Locks now lies on the brink of economic and environmental destruction. Hidden among the cliffs of the strikingly beautiful Columbia River Gorge, a portrait of fear and faith unfolds as two local women recount their tales of resilience in the face of natural disaster and grapple with an uncertain future.

Staci and Sadie (10 min.)
dir. Suzy Le Bel
Staci Manella and Sadie Debaun are best friends and business partners. This nonfiction buddy movie charts the determination of teammates to compete for each other, despite the obstacles that get in their way. As their challenges are revealed, the film focuses the importance of not letting any obstacles determine our lifestyles.

奶 奶 (Nai Nai) (22 min.)
dir. Wyatt Wu
Nai Nai follows the story of a Chinese immigrant grandmother, Chu-Ming Wu. Known as “Nai Nai,” Chu-Ming has always been a woman of control. But her grasp of reality and the control of her own mind is slipping away. Told through the lens of her grandson, the film focuses on her pain and struggles in the last chapters of her life.


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